Increase the Sense of Community

o   Give all recognized Greek life organizations the opportunity to have a representative regularly meet with the UA and express concerns

o   Monitor the hazing and pressures often associated with pledging

o   Promote socio-economic diversity in Greek life through subsidizing

o   Assist with off-campus housing arrangements

o   Have clubs emphasize on how they will promote camaraderie before they enter the Activity Fair

o   Continue to make class events more affordable, but also incentivize their attendance.

o   Create Residential Programs starting freshman year that help create tight-knit communities, similar to many of our Ivy League counterparts

o   Dramatically encourage participation in Penn Quest

o   Make Penn feel safer by increasing Walking Service Escort awareness and advocating for more patrolling officers on the fringes of Penn’s campus

o   Create more study spaces and student centers in engineering

o   Open dialogue with AOD to loosen policies on registering events with alcohol