Support Strong Mental Health

o   Increase discussion around “It’s OK to not be OK”

o   Have some theme in all reading projects centered around mental health awareness

o   It is currently recommended that mental health resources be included on class syllabi, but this should be required

o   Increase CAPS funding while decreasing wait times

o   Make CAPS more accessible by creating locations physically closer to campus

o   Refund tuition for a mid-semester medical leave and allow students to come back when ready

o   Provide identity-related advising and maintain a level of counselor diversity so that students feel a real connection with counselors

o   Continue to have programs help students return from a Leave of Absence and get accustomed to the lifestyles associated with Penn—in a less strenuous way than currently presented

o   Support all affected by sexual assault, discrimination, or disabilities

o   Promote meditation files offered online, similar to what Dartmouth currently has